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MillerKnoll Content

You get access to hundreds of pages of product content through the MillerKnoll Product API, which includes a growing number of brands and products from the MillerKnoll Collective. This feed syncs automatically with your website to save you time and ensure content remains accurate and fresh. The Platform also includes additional content from MillerKnoll, including MillerKnoll-led marketing campaigns.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Built using the latest development techniques, the Platform is stable and well-maintained. Powered by a content management system (CMS) that’s easy to use, you enjoy control of your content. Platform websites are optimized for performance, accessibility, and SEO; secure website hosting, SSL certificates, automatic backups, and 24/7 monitoring are all included. Plus, an advanced Google Analytics integration gives you insight into website traffic and user behavior, including click tracking and conversion goals.

Responsive Co-Branded Design

You can manage your site content, homepage layout, and other details within a modern design that subtly showcases your dealership’s connection to MillerKnoll. This ensures consistent design standards and a shared customer experience across the Platform while allowing you to celebrate and promote unique aspects of your dealership—including the non-MillerKnolll brands, products, and services you offer. And, because the design is responsive, your content will look and work great on any screen using a modern browser.

Continuous Improvement

Through ongoing analysis of dealer feedback and performance trends, we constantly identify opportunities to optimize and enhance the Platform. This means your site will evolve with the Platform as we learn how to better serve your customers and meet your needs. You can rest easy know that your site will always support current technology, we standards, and best practices. MillerKnoll invests more than $200,000 a year in updates to make your website better every day–all at no extra cost to you.

What Does It Cost?

$17,500 one-time fee for website setup, with monthly membership starting at $375/mo.

$17,500 one-time fee

Website Setup

Your one-time website project fee gives you access to the Platform and all relevant website sections and features based on your chosen Membership level. The website project covers costs related to technology, the content management system (CMS), CMS training, support through your content planning and creation process, and launch.

Starting at $375/mo

Platform Membership

Your monthly Platform Membership fee provides for the ongoing care and maintenance of your MillerKnoll Dealer Platform website and access to and support for all relevant features of the Platform.

Platform Membership Levels


Standard Membership

Recommended for Most Teams

Ideal for dedicated marketing teams with digital savvy who would benefit from Custom Campaigns, additional content design options, and room to grow with access to certain Pro-level add-ons.


Pro Membership

Best Value for Advanced Users

Ideal for digital marketing teams proficient with web content who are poised to take advantage of Targeted Pages, additional form options, CRM integrations, SEO fine-tuning, and/or brand personalization.

Join a growing community of 40+ Certified and Authorized Dealers from around the world.

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